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Lawyer and Legal Advisor for all UAE courts. 26 years of experience in legal and security affairs.
He is a graduate of the first batch of the Police Academy (Dubai) in 1991.

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Hassan Tamim’s Office for Law and Legal Consultations is one of the promising Law office in the UAE.


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Hassan Tamim Advocates & Legal Consultants is known for offering excellent advice and service. We have made our presence felt by providing trustworthy and worthwhile legal services. Our law firm believes in maintaining the highest level of integrity. The knowledge and expertise accumulated by our legal experts makes us an obvious choice for our clients who belong to diverse sectors and industries. After working with industry leaders and individual clients who belong to different industries and walks of life, we have built a powerful reputation.

Profound knowledge and deep understanding regarding laws of UAE is extremely necessary so as to taste success. It is due to deep knowledge about rules of judiciary, we always manage to provide our clients with promising guidance. Our team is composed of qualified and highly experienced advocates who thoroughly study the case prior proceeding forward. More



Legal Compliance

Corporate organizations are directed and controlled through the systems known as corporate gove More

Will, Estate & Succession Planning

Will is an important legal document that contains plans of a testator about how his/her propert More

Family and Matrimonial

Hassan Tamin is an expert on sensitive issues related with family and marriage. We fully unders More

Civil & Commercial

Hassan Tamin Advocates & Legal Consultant are active in the commercial arena. Feel free to More

Employment and Labour Law

The specialist team of Hassan Tamin provides comprehensive and concrete advice to the clients o More

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hassan Tamin Advocates & Legal Consultants are always ready to extend best advice and assis More

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